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Top 5 trendiest shoot locations in North London

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If you live in London, you’ll be well aware of the age-old debate; which is the trendiest part of London? East Londoners will hark on about how they have held the crown for the ‘coolest’ spots over the last decade, while the South London community are saying that it’s currently their time in the sun. If you travel to West London, however, residents will point to their sheer wealth as evidence of status. Nevertheless, one thing that can’t be overlooked is that North London seems to tread the waters of all three other parts of London – there’s an abundance of wealth and it’s always been deemed just as ‘cool’ as East. Furthermore, a North Londoner will rarely tread south of the river, speaking volumes to the credence they put on their home. People from North London may hold it in high regard, but does it actually have the trendiest properties in London? Before we get into it, however, make sure you check out our top five for East London and let us know which is your favourite. 


We can’t talk about trendy shoot locations in North London without mentioning Nash; this striking family home near Islington is the epitome of stylish! Designed by the interior outfit All & Nxthing, it is fairly clear to see why Nash makes our top five. Nash boasts a forward-thinking, contemporary aesthetic, with neutral, pared back Scandi furnishings. However, it’s not the touches of Scandi decor that make Nash so trendy. You’ll struggle to get more on-trend than the open-plan kitchen/ dining/ living room. Open-plan living is right at the forefront of what’s popular right now. Combine the natural elements and concrete flooring with the juxtaposition of simple white decor and eye-catching black cabinets, and you have a Pinterest-ready space. Other elements that elevate Nash include a gorgeous, painted white, exposed brick feature wall, fabulous crittal doors and skylights that immerse the space with natural light. If you’re after a blend of Scandi, with slightly brutalist elements, natural materials and heaps of space, Nash is the place for you! 

The fabulous open-plan kitchen/ living/ dining room available at Nash


After witnessing the exceptional work that All & Nxthing achieved with Nash, it’s easy to see why our second location to make the cut is also designed by them – welcome to Arezzo! Located between Kentish Town and Hampstead Heath, right in the heart of the trendiest parts of North London, Arezzo is an exceptionally spacious family home, impeccably designed to the highest of standards. There is a sophisticated layout here, with an on-trend open-plan kitchen/ living/ dining room, offering the majority of the shoot space. Raw and natural materials like steel, concrete, oak and leather provide the visual connection and depth throughout the house. Warmth is also supplemented through the use of the kitchen island, finished with warm sand tones and a ribbed effect, adding texture and depth. To add the sense of luxury and quality, this fabulous location also features crittal doors and has a gorgeous oriel window that brings oodles of natural light into the space. 

The sophisticated layout showcasing visual connection and depth at Arezzo

Birchwood House

After two more traditional-style family homes, our next location is Birchwood House, one of the most fascinating properties you’re likely to see! This incredibly memorable shoot location showcases a unique look, blending an original 1860’s cottage with a modern 2000 sq. ft glass extension – something that’s hugely popular in 2022. Arresting elements include a double-height atrium with large glass roof, concrete flooring, gorgeous columns and original lattice windows, found in the old cottage. However, the jewel in Birchwood’s crown is its incredible courtyard. Courtyard properties are on the rise and this might be one of the best in the game! Surrounded by gorgeous birch trees and an array of eye-catching seating covered in patina, the courtyard adds a wealth of character and charm to an already showstopping house. Some of the most noteworthy instagrammable touches include a suspended wood burner, glass walls, a spiral wooden staircase and the most outstanding wall of marble in the bathroom.

Birchwood House has all the characteristics of an on-trend location


In 2022, you can’t get much more trendy than biophilia! Our fourth location to make the list, Jansons, is the absolute embodiment of this. Biophilia is the trend towards bringing the natural world into our lives again. Doing this provides intrinsic benefits, including making us happier and healthier, allowing for satisfaction, inspiration and peace, and therefore improving our total wellbeing. Jansons has intertwined the whole property with the natural world. Not only is this striking location inundated with a gorgeous array of potted and hanging plants – adding texture and visual weight – but it has gone one step further into the ever-popular world of biophilia. This includes the adoption of adapted natural materials like plywood and polished concrete flooring, the use of the colour green, the great many plants and the wealth of natural light that floods the space through floor-to-ceiling windows and the immense central skylight. 

You won’t find much more biophilia on show than at Jansons


Featuring elements present in all of the above properties, our final location that had to make our top five trendiest North London locations is Kingsley. This Highgate-based shoot location is an ultra-modern courtyard-style property with bundles of premium touches! Following the common theme across the rest of the houses on the list, Kingsley also offers an open-plan layout, with vast floor-to-ceiling windows, acting as glass walls throughout the space. This is balanced by a mass of walnut panelling that creates a subtle premium vibe! Finished to an exceptionally high spec, with elements such as an impressive wood burner, wooden floors, great views and a luxurious pond found in the courtyard, Kingsley ticks most boxes when it comes to design features. Thanks to its inside/ outside aesthetic, Kingsley wouldn’t be out of place in Japan or LA and because of this, it had to make our list!

Kingsley and its luxurious decor