Drops Studio 2, E1

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Location info
Aldgate East
Wifi code available at location
Clothes rail available
Hair & makeup area
Black-out blinds available
No glamour allowed
No animals allowed
No children allowed
No food shoots allowed
No decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
No large scale filming allowed
Access by lift

Drops studio 2 is an all-purpose studio that blends the blank elements of a blackout studio, with the styled components of a styled studio, making for a remarkably creative set. The styled area features a wooden slatted backdrop, a brown leather sofa and some other retro furnishings. The rest of the space takes on a more blackout studio style with infinity cove, hair and makeup area, as well as other blackout areas. All of which makes the space perfect for headshot style shoots.


1X 63A three phase outlet

1x 16A single phase

1x 32A single phase

1x 16A three phase

x 32A three phase Distro Board

Studio Area

Length: 13.6m / 44.61ft Width: 11.8m / 38.71ft Height to ceiling: 3.5m / 11.48ft Height to beam: 3m / 9.84ft

Infinity Cove

Cove Width: 6m / 19.68ft Cove Depth: 7m / 22.96ft