Lancaster Gate, W2

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Lancaster Gate (Central Line)
No glamour allowed
No animals allowed
No children allowed
No food shoots allowed
No decorating allowed
No hand-held filming allowed
Large scale filming allowed

Lancaster Gate is one of those properties that every locations agency is desperate to have on their books.

Firstly, it is a huge space with incredibly high ceilings and a variation of rooms. Each room remains faithful to this rundown, derelict aesthetic but they are all slightly different. One room is red and contains less windows so is much darker, another is a round, whiter space, whilst another contains cork boards and more windows, allowing lots of light to seep in.

The characterisation of this property is a huge success with clients and the slight variation between the rooms allows the photographer to create different looks within one shoot.

The grand staircase and the tiled flooring in the entrance hall are also major attractions. They add to this ‘rundown manor house’ vibe and are perfect features for those shoots that are trying to relive a certain time period.

There is lots of additional detail, such as the bits of graffiti, the gold engravings on the ceiling and the pillars, which add to the illustriousness of this property and make it one which just keeps on giving.