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New Photoshoot Locations

Photoshoot Locations in London & the UK

Say Cheese ! In this section you’ll find all of the latest properties that we’ve recently added, so if you’re looking for somewhere new to shoot in you’re in the right place...

What we Look for in a New Location

While there is no short answer in what we look for in a new location, there are numerous features and qualities that we do look at before deciding to add a location to our library. High quality imagery, large and versatile rooms, great property locations, on trend styles and aesthetics as well as flexible, open and friendly location owners are all must-haves when we assess potential new locations. Certain elements do weigh in higher than others, for example, without high quality imagery we will struggle to see what you see with your own eyes. Furthermore, without large and versatile rooms many of our clients simply won't be able to work at your property for a whole host of reasons. If you would like a more in-depth analysis of what we look for and what our expectations are when it comes to taking on new properties, please give this article a read where we have gone into a lot more detail.

What we Expect from a Location Owner

As touched on above, we have incredibly high standards when it comes to our work and the clients we work with do too, so the expectations we have for our location owners are set very high. We are a very forward facing company and only work with the very best clients, so flexible, open and friendly location owners are a massive plus! Relationships are key in this industry so we will always look to make sure that the owners seem amenable, helpful and accommodating. For example, do they allow decorating for a shoot or are they open to filming or furniture shoots? These are all little nuances that go a long way to creating solid relationships between us, the location owners and the clients themselves.

New Locations to hire in London and Beyond

Location is key to being successful in this industry, however, when we say great ‘location’ we don’t necessarily mean we won’t take any properties outside of London. If you are looking to register with us, however, and you are based outside London, you must be bringing something unique, extraordinary or bang on trend to the table in order to encourage clients to travel that bit further. If you are based in London we will also consider good transport links and parking availability, as accessibility is crucial for many of our clients.

Fancy seeing your house in the pages of glossy magazines? Of course you do. Register your property with us for more info rmation.