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Photoshoot locations with breakfast bar

Breakfast bars are a great staple of the modern home, particularly family and guest-focussed properties. This feature, originally designed for eating breakfast, now has many more uses including studying, working, making food, entertaining and relaxing. The breakfast bar, which can sometimes be an extended section of a kitchen island, makes a great add-on or substitute for the traditional family dinner table.

High stools or chairs typically surround breakfast bars, allowing appropriate informal seating and introducing a new height dynamic to the standard kitchen. As it’s usually a sociable area, stools are essential in getting the full use out of this great feature.

Another benefit of this fitting is the addition of extra workspace and the possibilities for hidden storage, allowing you to make the most out of the space you have.

Breakfast bars can be made in a multitude of different shapes. When choosing the height, shape and storage functions, things to consider should include what it will be used for, how often it will be used for that purpose, who will be using the bar and how its placement co-operates with other amenities in your space. Shapes include: rectangular, L-shaped, T-shaped, curved, circular, peninsula, elevated extension and lowered extension.

As well as a range of possible shapes, they can also be found in a number of different counter surface finishes. Some popular choices include laminate, hardwood, quartz, glass and stone.

If you’re lucky enough to have the freedom of customisation, designing a breakfast bar can be a unique opportunity to express personality as part of your interior design. This can be showcased through colour, texture, structure and through the many shapes previously mentioned.

If you’re looking to shine a light on your beloved breakfast bar, stylish lighting dedicated to this space is the way to go. Small, simple but effective lighting can make this space the practical, social hub that it has the potential to be.

Whether it be a must-have feature for your next shoot or just for your regular dose of interior inspiration, have a look at some of the great breakfast bars featured in our very own locations; you can find our favourites at Bobby, Buchanan, Dorset Works, Martini and Ridgeway.