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Photoshoot locations with chaise longue

The chaise longue is an elongated chair designed for laying down on. These chairs, meant for relaxing, were first used in France during the 16th century. The original invention was to provide a seat for the rich to have leisure time during the day, without having to retire to their bed.

According to archaeologists, the earliest historical origins of this innovative seat dates back to around 3000 B.C from ancient Egyption regions. Furthermore, evidence has also been found in Greek and Roman history. In Greece, the chaise longue, known as a kline or klinai, was a popular article of furniture and it was normal practice to socialise and dine while reclining in one of these.

The original name for this great creation is ‘chaise longue’, which is French for ‘long chair’, but English speakers tend to refer to this as the ‘chaise lounge’.

Fast-forward to 16th century France, this elegant piece was gaining popularity amongst the wealthy, becoming a symbol of societal status in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. During these periods, highly rare and expensive materials were used to make these luxurious seats.

Like many interior pieces, the chaise longue has found its place in modern design and decor, maintaining its profile as a luxurious piece but not being restricted to societal status. You can find these seats in plenty of modern properties, from family homes to manor houses. They are commonly found in boudoirs, dressing rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and snugs.

Modern materials used in the production of chaise longues can include velvet, satin, cotton, wicker and leather.

Chaise longues are a great feature and can be worked into numerous creative briefs. At 1st Option we have a range of locations with beautiful traditional chaise longues, including Glemham Hall, Walnuts Farm and The House. For something more casual, homely and perfect for lifestyle shoots, take a look at Branch, Blake House and Frewin.