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Shoot locations with bedrooms for photoshoots & filming in London & the UK

We’ve got hundreds of properties available to hire for photo shoots and filming, and luckily, almost 99% of the locations we proudly represent include bedrooms, because well… their homes and people need somewhere to sleep. This is great news for you, because it not only means we have more bedrooms you can shake a stick a, but we also have bedrooms in every style, shape and size imaginable.

Bedrooms are often spaces where individuals are free to express themselves through décor and interior choices, and there’s a good chance that your bedroom was the first room you had some say in the way it was decorated. Whether that’s down to the shade on the walls, what bed covers you have or small accessories on display, often bedrooms reflect who we are as people which make them pretty special spaces if you ask us.

The bedroom is also the room you’ll spend many of your hours in your home, so you’ll want to get the most out of your space. So, what are the top décor tips for your bedroom? We’ve got the answers.

  • Not only are canopy beds bang on trend for the upcoming year, but they also add some understated luxury to your room. Guaranteed to be a standout feature, you wont want to get out of bed with this contemporary take on a very regal piece of furniture.
  • Why not introduce some statement art into your space? There’s art out there for every taste, and it’ll no doubt inject personality into your room. Neon wall art is our personal favourite, adding a touch of playfulness and often sentiment with quotes and sayings brought to life in glowing pinks, blues and yellows.
  • Creative headboards can be a lot of fun, and if you’re a keen DIY-er, you can create something pretty amazing. If you’re a book lover, a headboard made of books can certainly be a statement. If you’d prefer something a little more conventional, intricate wall panelling, driftwood found from the beach, customizable chalkboard headboards, or something made from textured fabric are also alternatives.
  • Smart storage is a feature key to any bedroom. The end of the bed is a great place to house some subtle storage. Wicker, vintage and textured trunks not only look super-stylish but are a sneaky place to store all those new purchases that you’re trying to hide.

So have a browse through our vast and varied collect of bedrooms, we have opulent bedrooms furnished with antique furniture, and historic bedrooms that feature exposed fireplaces, beamed ceilings and original wooden flooring. If you’re after something a little more contemporary, however, we have a whole host of state of the art slick bedrooms on offer, decorated in the latest styles.