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Photoshoot Locations with Crittall Windows

What are they -

Crittall windows are a timeless and super chic style of window that incorporates steel frames through the glass panels. Crittall windows were originally developed in 1884 by an ironmonger in Essex and were first brought into manufacturing in the UK in 1889 some five years after they were first designed. Interestingly enough, only windows that are officially made by Crittall Windows Limited can legally be called crittal, however, the term is often cited for any black steel framed windows.

History -

Crittall windows have been popular in interior design since their birth over 100 years ago. You can see examples of them used all across the country with some most notable buildings, including The Houses of Parliament and The Tower of London. Furthermore, they were also heavily associated with the Art Deco and Modernist movements of the 20th Century. Examples of these can also be seen all around the country with some of the best known ones including The Hoover Building and The Wallis Building. That being said, they do also tend to suit most properties, from Victorian to modern new builds.

About -

In the modern world, crittall windows aren't just a chic and stylish interior design choice, they are also incredibly thermal efficient, meeting all the latest building standards. On top of this, they also act as theft deterrents due to the multi frame design making it harder for anyone to gain entry. They may not be cheap to install, but they instantly create a classy high end look for any home.

1st Option -

At 1st Option we have one of the largest location libraries you're likely to find, representing the best properties in London and beyond. Because of this and the ever growing popularity of crittall windows, we are lucky enough to have a vast array of them in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whatever type of crittall you are after, we will have you covered