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Photoshoot locations with derelict

Derelict spaces, despite their initial impressions, can be beautiful, with a wealth of historical attributes. A place which is derelict is defined as one that, as a result of neglect and disuse, has come to be in poor condition. They tend to be highly run-down and worn-out.

Derelict buildings and spaces can be found all across the United Kingdom, from churches to hospitals, schools, homes, police stations and more.

Smithfield General Market, Farringdon, is one famous derelict space in the City of London. It was most famous for being a horse market, sporting event stadium, jousting arena and a place where public executions would take place. It also contained a livestock market in the early Middle Ages. In 1883, the General Market structure was built, then collapsed during a Blitz bombing and re-vived in the 1950s, with an addition of a dome ceiling.

Another outstanding derelict space in London is the St Dunstan in the East Church, which, until the Great Fire of London (1666), survived for centuries. The Second World War had the surprisingly well-maintained remains of this church see worse days of damage and sadly was never rebuilt.

Derelict buildings, depending on location, condition and other legal factors, can sometimes be sold on at property auctions. It is common for people to purchase these spaces with the intention of renovation or as an investment.

Derelict spaces make incredible photoshoot and filming locations; at 1st Option, we have a fascinating roster of these intriguing spaces that our clients can hire for those those unique and authentic shots for their projects.

The House, based in North London, is a grand, dramatic and gorgeous derelict space, featuring antique furniture, distressed walls, polished floors and a great amount of natural light.

For something more historical and run-down, take a look at The Asylum - an old chapel based in South London, with high ceilings, extremely distressed interiors and its original stained glass windows.