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Family Houses available to hire for Photo Shoots, TV and Filming

Browse through our fantastic selection of family homes available to hire for Photo Shoots, TV and Filming. Our family houses provide a range of authentic locations to host your photo shoots. From character-filled properties with a real lived-in feel to ultra slick and modern homes, we have locations perfect for every family size and shoot need.

But what really makes a house a home? Interestingly, a recent study found that 57% of British homeowners claim that a home is down to happiness, with 50% believing safety and security makes them feel at home and a further 44% said it was the sound of laughter.

Now we’ve established the key ingredients that go into making a house a home, what the structural characteristics you can expect to find within one of our family locations? Depending on the size of the family and their needs, you’ll typically find a porch and large hallway that’s used to house wellies and school bags when everyone arrives home. Other features are large, flowing multifunctional rooms that are mixed with more intimate spaces. Living rooms are still important rooms within the family home, often being slightly cosier, relaxing and well proportioned. Playrooms, studies and office spaces are also common within the family homes, with many of our properties offering alternative living and creative spaces.

An element of fun is also a staple within a family home, with locations containing ‘snugs’, play area’s in the garden, indoor swings or tucked away secret seating area’s used for reading or a little time out from family life. Each home is refreshingly unique and tailor made for a families needs, but we’re sure we have a perfect match for you.

Get in contact with one of lovely team members if you’d like some help selecting the ideal family home for your shoot.