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Photoshoot locations with home cinema

Home cinemas are the ultimate luxury addition to any large home that has extra space to fill. They provide opportunities for entertaining the family and guests, they add tranquility to the home and actually tend to add value thanks to the opulent aesthetic they bring. People assume they are extremely complicated to create and tend to cost thousands to install. However, there are many different styles and they can range in quality, size and price. The Key is to get design and technical details correct and the rest will follow, for example, make sure the surround sound is right and doesn’t disturb the rest of the house! Once you have an idea of the tech you want and roughly how much it is going to cost, all you have to decide is the general design of the space and you’re then ready to start your passion project.

Inspiration Ideas

Design ideas are very important, there’s little point in putting all this time and effort into creating a cinema room that isn’t inviting, cosy and stylish. Moreover, the technical aspects like acoustics, sound leakage and proper furnishings can completely ruin the space if not given proper respect. The idea is to create a harmonious space that brings all these elements together seamlessly creating a space for wonderful experiences. We would recommend having a look at Pinterest to see if there are any striking ideas that give you that needed design inspiration before you start.


The first key element in designing a home cinema is how much available space is there. More often than not, people think they need a 4-metre widescreen, 10 seats and the surround sound that will shake the seats. However if space is a little tighter, you can still create a majestic home cinema that ticks all the boxes. Think about the needs you require, intense movie experiences or something intimate for family and friends.

Colour scheme

When it comes to the type of space you want to create, the colour scheme plays one of the biggest roles in the design and general atmosphere. Dark colours and nuances work best on walls, as they tend to avoid reflections, this also transcends to the floor and ceiling as you want to create that whole experience. Floors often get forgotten about, however, tiled and wooden floors can cause reflections of light and sound and this could ruin your experience. Dark carpets are the best to install as they reduce reflection from the screen and also keep the sound echoing effect down.

The Furniture

Most people assume that due to the need for dark colours, you must decorate your furniture with dark colours, however, there are some incredible design ideas that incorporate light furnishings and they can work just as well as dark colour schemes. Lighter colours work better in smaller settings as they create a spacious environment. The key take away when thinking about furniture is comfort, luxury and space. Make sure you don't overwhelm your space with too much seating, but in the same breath fill the space you have with premium fabrics that create a welcoming home cinema experience.

1st Option and home cinemas

If you are looking for large or small home cinemas we have you covered, as always. Ashington House, Onyx and Crystal offer you the more traditional large cinema space with lots of seating and vast projector-style screens. On the other hand, Millbrae, Purley and Harper are cosier with sofa-style seating but still offer large screens. We also offer smaller style cinema rooms like Heath House, Prism and Carlo.