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Photoshoot locations with library

Libraries come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from your modest village library to University libraries like Oxford’s The Bodleian, all the way to the biggest library in the world, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. One thing they do all have in common however is they possess a gateway to infinite knowledge.

The aim of a library is to have a curated collection of books or other sources of information for people to read in order to learn about a specific subject. They are often selected by experts and made accessible through the use of borrowing and returning said resources of information. They are often also quiet places conducive to study. When people think of libraries, they tend to only think of books and while libraries are full of books, books do take many shapes these days for example, e-books and audio books.

Libraries are, however, more than just books, they are places of information that offer the people who use them free access to an unparalleled wealth of information that can’t be found anywhere else, whether online, in print or in person. Whether you are looking for DVD’s or the latest science fiction best seller, tech or health info found on internet databases that aren't accessible at home, the library is a centre of community for millions of people.

And at the centre of all libraries is the librarian. Librarians are the information experts at the heart of the library, selecting books that are relevant to your specific search and within the community creating helpful programmes of reading to connect people to information.

Here at 1st Option we are lucky to have some of the most incredible and unique properties featuring residential libraries, ranging from large bookcases with reading spaces to entire rooms dedicated to reading. If you are looking for reading corners with dedicated seating spaces check out Balham House, Foxgrove or Onyx to name a few, while if you are after a library type room you’d be more suited to have a look at Carlo, Raynham Hall or The Manor.