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Locations with neutral colours for Photo Shoots & Filming in London & UK

Neutral colour schemes are anything but boring. Our selection of neutral toned shoot locations are just as energetic and fun as our brightly decorated properties, just have a look for yourself. Browse through our enormous collection of beautiful properties that boast stylish interiors and muted colour schemes.

If you’re still unsure about the reasons why you should be as in love with neutral colour schemes as we are, here’s some more points that will hopefully persuade you:

  • Using neutral tones allows you to play around with pattern and texture more. You can create real depth by playing around with velvets, suede’s, linens and more.
  • Neutral shades can make for a really calming space, your brain won’t become overwhelmed with bright colours and instead will be able to relax under the influence of softer tones
  • Grey is an effortlessly elegant colour, and it works beautifully within interiors. Sophistication in general comes naturally when using a neutral palette, and grey in particular can create a real feeling of luxe in any room.
  • Don’t let lighter shades scare you if you have a family. Although the thought of sticky fingers on taupe suede is * gulps * terrifying, brown and darker shades are considered neutral colours as they aren’t on the colour wheel.

So embrace neutral interiors and book one of our gorgeous properties today. One of our team members would be delighted to help you find the perfect property.