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Unique locations for Photo Shoots, TV and Filming in London and the UK

Although traditional locations can be great, sometimes the occasion calls for something a little bit more…. unusual. Fortunately, with London being one of the most diverse and creative hubs on the planet, it’s home to a whole bunch of unique and extraordinary locations available to hire for Photo Shoots, TV and Filming.

Here at 1st Option we’re proud to represent a vast selection of the Capital’s best quirky locations, including converted Victorian churches and chapels, kitsch retro caravans, a living room within a central glass cube, to a 10 story water tower, old asylums and loft spaces. We feel pretty confidence we’ve nailed this “unique” thing.


If you venture outside of London, the rest of the world also boasts some pretty unusual living spaces too.


  • If you value your privacy, you won’t be a fan of the first property on our list. The transparent house in Tokyo, Japan is well; you guessed it, completely transparent. But what it lacks in privacy it certainly makes up for with plenty of natural light.  
  • Are you totally obsessed with the tiny house trend? Then you’ll love the world’s smallest house, in Germany. Coming in at just 1sq meter, the portable DIY wooden structure can be used both vertically or horizontally, allowing you to sit upright to work during the day and lay flat to catch some z’s at night. Unfortunately it doesn’t leave you much room to entertain guests. Breathe in everyone!
  • It doesn’t seem to matter how old we get, we still haven’t quite mastered the art of being able to walk past a park without having the urge to go down the slide. The Slide House in Japan makes everyday playtime with a slide that connects all three floors. Wheeeeeeeee!
  • The Shell House in Mexico takes term beach bum to the next level, with the property being shaped just like a seashell. The house is available to rent per night, so for a chance to bathe under a shell fountain and unwind next to their circular rainbow glass wall, get booking.


If you’d like a helping hand choosing from our fantastic selection of unique spaces one of our expert team members would be more than happy to assist you in your search for something a little different.