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Celebrity Homes We Love

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It is said that a lot can be told about someone by their home, and celebrities are no exception. When it comes to interior design, celebrities set the stage with a blend of personality and creativity, expressing themselves through their homes.

Whether it’s through collaboration with top designers or their own artistic vision, these celebrities prove that when it comes to home decor, the sky’s the limit. Therefore, we decided to curate a list of some of our favourite celeb’s homes for your own perusal. Get ready to step inside and be inspired by the dazzling decor, innovative ideas, and personal touches that define the homes of the stars.

1. David Harbour and Lily Allen’s Brooklyn Townhouse

The fantastical world of David Harbour and Lily Allens home is accented by statement colours and personal touches. The duo teamed up with designer Billy Cotton and architect Ben Bischoff to carefully craft a blend of comfort and whimsy, juxtaposed against striking, sophisticated finishes.

Photo by Simon Watson/Architectural Digest.

With wide windows to let in natural light, and bold patterns, the home is filled with character. Note the floral accents in each room, creating a theme throughout the home. Grand fireplaces and patterned carpets fill the lounge, creating an overwhelming sense of comfortable busy-ness.

2. Matty Healy’s Humble Hideaway

Contrastingly, The lead singer of The 1975 is known for his signature monochromatic style, which seamlessly extends to his home decor, reflecting a consistent and sophisticated neutral aesthetic. Crafted by Takero Shimazaki Architects, the ultra-minimalist design draws inspiration from the Japanese ethos of ‘Wabi-Sabi’, embracing the beauty found in imperfection.

Takero Shimazaki Architects/ KeepingItNeutral Tumblr.

While opting for a monochromatic palette in home design isn’t unusual, the inclusion of wood and brass accents infuses this residence with a luminous, minimalist ambiance. Featuring stone-washed walls and expansive windows, this neutral yet radiant abode offers a serene retreat amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

Critics are divided on the home: is it an embodiment of flawless brutal minimalism or merely vacant and uninhabited? You decide!

3. Dita Von Teese’s Decorative Dwelling

In stark contrast to our previous home, the dancer’s maximalist paradise bursts with bold colours and decorations, yet it still preserves the original Tudor features of the house.

Photo by Trevor Tondro

Inspired by both maximalism and art deco, her home is a showcase of statement pieces. Noteworthy elements include bold chandeliers, copper accents, and animal motifs. Each room is uniquely designed, with maximalism being the unifying yet diverse theme throughout the house.

4. Rita Ora’s Historical Home

Next, step inside Rita Ora’s Victorian-era home, a treasure trove of vintage finds and thrifted delights. The singer’s abode strikes a perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism, featuring a harmonious blend of neutral tones and vibrant artwork.

Architectural Digest

Adorned with wooden finishes and large windows, Ora revealed to Architectural Digest her enduring fascination with homes that possess an old-world charm. This is particularly evident in the Grade II listed wooden partition in her home, which remains untouched and unalterable.

Whether these homes align with your personal taste or not, we hope this article has sparked some fresh inspiration for your own living space. Exploring the unique and diverse designs of these homes can offer new ideas and perspectives that you might incorporate into your own decor. Thank you for taking the time to read, and we hope you found it both enjoyable and insightful!