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Retro & Vintage Locations for Photoshoots & Filming in London and the UK

In this section you’ll find a whole selection of properties that feature retro or modern-retro interiors and architecture that are available to hire for photo shoots and filming purposes.

Authentic retro interiors encompass decades of styles, and the term ‘retro’ is used to describe almost any décor that has been influenced by past trends and styles. Most commonly however, interior design and architecture from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is classed as retro. Anything earlier than the 50’s is often considered vintage, however the two styles do frequently cross over, as you’ll see within some of our properties.

If you’re looking to incorporate a retro aesthetic into your home, The have compiled some handy tips that should send you down the road of achieving the ultimate chic-retro/vintage décor.

The first major characteristic of retro interiors is retro style furniture. It often has an abstract feel to it, with sofas being elongated and decorated with vibrant multi-coloured pillows. Other key pieces of furniture include shiny chrome barstools with bright seats, puzzle-piece ottomans and wooden mid century sideboards and dressers.

One of the most effective ways to make your space feel retro is by picking the right colour scheme. Avocado green, mustard yellow, purple, hot pink, indigo blue and any combination of white, red, brown and black are also popular. A lot of retro accessories will include a mix of all these colours, with signature prints of the retro era being tie-dye, paisley and check.

You can have a lot of fun with texture and accents in retro décor. Think fuzzy throw rugs, crushed velvet, soft vinyl, shag carpets, lava lamps, door beads and art pieces are typically bold and abstract. Offset this with playful retro lighting such as multi-chandeliers or tasselled floor lamps.

Browse through our diverse selection of retro shoot locations that all embody an individual perspective on retro and vintage interiors. From entire warehouses decked out with vintage props, to carefully renovated homes that’ll make you think you’ve stepped into a time machine and straight out to the eighties, to homes that have a more subtle take on retro décor with statement pieces of furniture and playful artwork.

If you’d like some assistance picking the perfect retro property for your photo shoot or filming brief do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly team member who would be happy to help.