Interlude, N16

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Location info
Rectory Road - 5 min walk
Wifi code available at location
Clothes rail available
Clothes steamer available
Hair & makeup area
Back wash sink available
Black-out blinds available
3 phase power available
Glamour allowed
Animals allowed
Children allowed
Food shoots allowed
No decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
Large scale filming allowed

This is Interlude, a spacious converted warehouse based in North London, featuring exposed brickwork, industrial Crittall windows and towering white walls. This beautiful set up includes a designer kitchen and lounge area, flowing seamlessly into a large blank canvas space, particularly lending itself well to lifestyle shoots. This accommodating area makes Interlude suitable for a variety of photoshoots, filming, screenings and even conferences.

This location offers a blackout option which is, thanks to electronic blinds, easily achievable. If you’re in need of the opposite, you’re in luck as this shoot location’s large skylights provide ample natural light. Interlude also has 3-phase power, a 60 inch TV and other props and useful items which are available to hire at the studio, aiding creative possibilities for clients and making it a fantastic choice for a range of shoots.

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