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Shoot locations with bathrooms in London for photoshoots & Filming in London

Bathrooms, a place of privacy, relaxation, comfort and tranquillity- a perfect setting for photo shoots and filming. Here at 1st Option we have a massive selection of bathroom for you to choose from. We have luxury bathrooms, quaint wallpapered bathrooms, tiled bathrooms, retro-carpeted bathrooms, experimental bathrooms that play around with glass elements and textures, period bathrooms and everything in-between.

But where did it all begin? Luckily, all we’ve ever known is hot water, flushing toilets and ventilation, but what was in its place before that? Well, lucky for you, we’re about to tell you.

  • The history of the bathroom goes back a lot further than what you might initially imagine, with the first recorded bathroom dating back to 3000 B.C. This is because during this period, water had a really strong religious value and was thought of as providing purity for the soul.
  • Not all historic baths were large pools or baths however often linked to the Roman era. The longest surviving individual bath tub dates back to 1700 B.C from the palace of Knossos, and apparently, the bath not only looks a lot like the ones we take a soak in today the plumbing is similar too.
  • In the Middle Ages, most of the towns had either bathhouses where you could pay-per-bath, or people had wooden baths in their bedrooms, with lots of people making their own soap at home.
  • If we fast-forward to the 19th and 20th centuries there was a shift in attitudes towards hygiene and germs, which saw many households introducing a simple bathroom. Thanks to the industrial revolution hot water could be produced for use within the home, which meant having a bath was a lot easier. However, it wasn’t until the 1920’s that working class homes started being built with bathrooms in the house, before then people would use an outdoor toilet and wash in the bath in front of a fire.

Of course, this is a far stretch from the luxurious and functional bathrooms we’re accustomed to today. From contemporary to sleek to traditional and elegant, the bathroom is a space to begin your day and unwind. We have a huge collection of fantastic and varied bathrooms for every taste, so have a browse through and get in contact with our team for further information.