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Kitchens for photoshoot and filming locations

Everyone knows the kitchen is at the heart of every home, and as such, we have a fantastic selection of photo shoot and filming location kitchens for you to choose from. From big to small, state-of-the-art to a little more on the rustic side, we cater to every creative brief and crew size. After all, for most modern families, life is most certainly lived in the kitchen.

A little history on the kitchen

Surprisingly, the kitchen hasn’t always been the indispensable hub of contemporary homes that we know today. In fact, kitchens used to be positioned as far away as possible from rooms used for socialising in an attempt to disconnect from the preparation of food and mask the smells. Early kitchens were often messy, hot, busy rooms that were dark and prone to catching fire, with no double islands, breakfast bars or hi-tech appliances in sight. *Shudders*

But what were the key characteristics of kitchens in each historic period?

  • Kitchens of the Middle Ages tended to be in the form of an open fire in a one-room home or within the “great hall” of larger properties.
  • The 18th and 19th Century was largely influenced by a French style of cooking, which meant lots of elaborate dishes and firm table etiquette. If hosting a dinner party in the 18th century, you were expected to serve up to 75 dishes with each course lasting up to an hour. Yikes.
  • We waved hello to our beloved fitted kitchen in the 1930’s and 1940’s as a bi-product of war efforts and technology. After working outside the home during WW11, women returning after the war demanded better-designed and more stylish kitchens. Go get em’, ladies.
  • Fast-forward 40 years to witness the birth of the open-plan trophy kitchen of the eighties, with an emphasis on showy tech appliances.

Kitchens in the 21st Century aren’t too dissimilar from their eighties counterparts. In a kitchen today, and especially coming into 2021, prepare to wave goodbye to the white kitchen and say hello to moodier tones such as blacks, deep greys and navys. Plus, expect to see lots of concrete elements as well as copper and gold accents making an appearance. In terms of appliances, keep an eye out for glass door refrigerators (best get tidying that fridge.)

1st Option manages a whole host of stunning kitchens for you to browse through in this section. If you’re after a contemporary, open-plan space, a country-style kitchen, or even something retro, we’ve got them in every shade and style.