Hackney Factory, E3

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Hackney Wick
Tea & Coffee supplied
Back wash sink available
3 phase power available
Glamour allowed
Animals allowed
Children allowed
Food shoots allowed
No decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
Large scale filming allowed
Access by stairs

1st Option introduces Hackney Factory, an industrial warehouse located in the heart of East London.

This unique venue is housed in a 1908 flat-roofed industrial building, showcasing its utilitarian charm through rhythmic vertical bays, robust brickwork, and iconic 1930s galvanised steel windows – a testament to its rich heritage. Notably, this space was once the production hub for NHS's standard issue gold-coated spectacles and even crafted eyewear for royalty like the Queen and iconic figures like John Lennon. The second floor of the building is available for photographic and filming shoots, and small-scale daytime events.

Accessibility: The location is situated a 10-minute walk from Hackney Wick station, and it has street parking available. It's situated on the 2nd floor with no loading lift and is not wheelchair accessible.

Amenities: The building has functioning toilets, is flooded with natural light, and has an open plan. The size of the space is 2,500 sqft/232 sqm with an entrance size of 1.5m and high ceilings of 4m. 3 Phase power is available on-site.

Sound level: Residential.

Hackney Factory offers a truly distinctive atmosphere for your creative endeavours.

Contact us today to book this remarkable industrial space for your next project or event.