The Oaks, Dorset

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The Oaks is a large period house in Dorset that has been styled with a beautifully crafted mix of modern and traditional. Throughout the house you'll find neutral tones, accented with carefully chosen classic furniture.

As you enter you'll find a cool and relaxing living room, with grey tones, elegant seating, painted wooden floors, a period fireplace and shutters at the windows, all complemented by a central glass chandelier. A second sitting area mirrors the style while using darker colours as accents. Moving into the modern kitchen extension, you'll find a lovely bright space, lit by the ceiling skylights and large glass windows that open onto the garden terrace beyond. You'll also find more painted wooden floors, a neutral colour palette, exquisite kitchen units, industrial lighting and brick style tiling on the walls. The adjoining dining area is another calming space with a beamed ceiling and feature wallpapered wall.

Upstairs, are the again beautifully styled bedrooms, featuring more wallpaper, soft furnishings and classic antique beds. The bathrooms are modern, with walk-in showers and roll top baths. This house also has an upstairs colonial-style terrace, with seating that looks out onto the garden.

Downstairs, there is also an informal chill-out seating area, with exposed white brick walls, beamed ceiling, comfortable seating and a bar in the corner. As well and this, there is a home office area with dark wooden flooring.

As well as the terrace garden, which is perfect for outside dining with its decked flooring and walls plus comfortable seating, the outside of this Dorset shoot location also has a large stepped garden, which includes an outdoor swimming pool.

The Oaks really is an outstanding country house and well-worth a trip out of London. If you'd like to consider it for your next project, just get in touch!