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Locations with fireplaces for Photo shoots and filming in London and the UK

Although they might no longer be a necessity within our homes (thank goodness for double glazing and effective boilers) fireplaces certainly still rank high in desirable features to enhance our spaces with. So browse through our stunning collection of properties that boast some of the most sleek, contemporary, traditional, unique and ornate fireplaces in the industry. We’ll eat our socks if you can’t find one that doesn’t match your creative brief to the T.

Despite being mainly decorative, fireplaces still hold an important ranking in the world of design. From a design perspective, according to The Telegraph, fireplaces are invaluable as they provide somewhere to direct the eye, gather around and provide an effective way to break up larger spaces into cosier zones.

Fireplaces are also becoming architecturally integrated features that are increasingly sought after in the world of property. With fireplaces often being show-stopping statements that bring character and energy to the room (whilst applying to all building safety regulations, of course.) You’ll see this echoed throughout our contemporary properties that showcase breath-taking and well-designed fireplaces in their drawing rooms, home-libraries, bedrooms and living rooms.

Faux-fireplaces are also increasing in popularity thanks to imaginative design, realistic flames and simple operation via remote control or smartphone. Of course, not all the fireplaces we offer are state-of-the-art tech designs. We have plenty of original fireplaces that have as much of a vibrant history as the country manor and period properties they live in. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely these fireplaces pass modern building regulations but they make authentic historic features for any photo shoot or filming brief.

If you like any assistance selecting your perfect fireplace, do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our lovely team members.