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Photoshoot locations with ensuite

The term ‘ensuite’ comes from the french for ‘connected’ or ‘in the room’ and was first cited in the 18th century, mainly originally being used to describe a set of connected rooms. It was the British, Australian and Canadians who first used the term to describe a bathroom that is connected to a bedroom and this only came around in the 1960’s when people in real estate started using it as a buzzword or a frenchified fancy euphemism. While the original term has nothing to do with bathrooms, since the British evolved the term, ensuites have exclusively been referred to as adjoining bathrooms to bedrooms, most notably as luxurious bathrooms connecting to master bedrooms.

Ensuites boast many benefits, one of which is the connectivity between the bedroom and the bathroom meaning you have evident privacy and the ability to style the bathroom to match the aesthetic of the bedroom. The intimacy of the ensuite adds to the attraction and is why many master and guest bedrooms in the modern day tend to come equipped with one as opposed to more basic children's bedrooms.

Early ensuites were fairly sparse, offering an adjacent toilet, wash basin and if you were very lucky a bath. As time evolved and showers became commonplace, showers were also incorporated into these ensuite bathrooms, however, this was the pinnacle and meant you were doing very well for yourself. In the 21st century we see ensuites in a very different light with them coming in all shapes, sizes and styles.

1st Option is proud to represent some of the most extravagant, stylish and unique ensuite bathrooms that are likely to be found. Over the years we have been lucky enough to have many incredible home owners decide to choose us as their Agents and today we have bathrooms that have features such as must-have roll top baths, wet rooms and copper free standing baths, to name a few. Whatever your brief is, whether it be something more lavish and luxurious or something striking and unique, we have the ensuite for you.