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Photoshoot locations with bath - roll top

Freestanding baths have become increasingly popular over the years and for good reason: they’re comfortable, large, aesthetically pleasing and only add value to your home. The only issue is that not every bathroom is made equal, and due to their size, not all bathrooms are large enough to accommodate one. However, there is a type of freestanding bath that is made to fit in a slightly smaller space, thanks to its rolled edges - meet the roll-top bath. These have a small roll on the lip of the bath meaning they tend to be slightly smaller in diameter, but thanks to their unique and attractive design, they still allow you the classic feel of a freestanding bath without taking up huge amounts of space.

What is a roll-top bath?

The roll-top bath is a type of freestanding bath where the edges are curved off at the top; this provides a rounded look across the top of the bathtub. There are a few facets that go into why they are so popular; firstly they provide a comfortable area to lounge in while bathing, removing those potential sharp edges that a square bath can possess. Secondly, they are attractive to look at and will bring up the price of your house. Roll tops are generally only found on your freestanding varieties, however, the roll-top allows for the design to be slightly more modest, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. They have really come to prominence in the last few years, however, they have actually been popular since the mid 18th Century among the aristocracy of Europe. They are now an iconic staple of many bathrooms.

Differences between a roll top bath, regular bath and a shower unit

Like everything in life, roll-top baths have several advantages and disadvantages over their counterparts. The first disadvantage of a roll-top over a regular bath is space. If you have limited space we would recommend a regular bathtub. If space is even more limited a shower unit is more compact, cheaper and will provide a more than adequate means of bathing. While roll tops are smaller than some regular freestanding baths, they still take up more room than a wall attached bath - so you will generally need a decent sized bathroom. It’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s not easy to fit a shower attachment over a roll-top bath, due to the fact that it’s a lot more difficult to install a shower curtain that will accommodate the shape and successfully keep the running water inside.

On the other side, a roll-top bathtub is aesthetically more inviting as it is a freestanding bathtub and thus will be much more attractive than just a simple shower. They also don’t tend to cost much more, so weighing up the positives and the negatives, if you have the space you should look to try and implement one. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, they add value to your property. Roll-top baths also come in a variety of colours on the outside, allowing you to effectively match one to most bathroom colour schemes.

1st Option and roll-top baths

Here at 1st Option we are incredibly lucky to represent some of the most beautiful and sought after properties London and the United Kingdom has to offer, therefore we have a wealth of properties featuring roll-top baths. With over 50 properties in total boasting a roll-top bath, we will be sure to have your needs covered!