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London shoot locations featuring wooden flooring for photo shoots and filming

Wooden flooring can make for a great feature when it comes to photo shoots and filming as arguably, it’s a timeless design feature in its own right. Here at 1st Option we have over 80 properties for you to browse through that boast a whole variety of different wooden floorings from parquet herringbone patterns to solid and engineered hardwood flooring to reclaimed wood and painted floors, there’s a style for each taste and room.

Who knew there was such diversity when it comes to wooden flooring? There’s over 16 types of hardwood flooring available to choose for your home, from cherry, walnut, oak, maple, hickory, ash, douglas fir, teak, birch, pine, mahogany, Brazilian tigerwood, alder, ebony and popular. There’s plenty of wood species to select from to achieve your desired look. But it doesn’t end there, as there’s elements like the floorings width, pre-finished style and colour, gloss and texture to take into account. Phew, is anyone else exhausted? 

There are so many reasons to love wooden flooring within the home, whether it’s because of their ability to lengthen a room, lighten a room in a silvery, bright tone, or whether you want to make a statement with chevron or paint. Wooden flooring really can be as unique and versatile as you make it, and that’s the beauty of it.

Have a look through our extensive range of shoot locations that feature wooden floorings. Whether you’re after a seaside retreat, a grand country manor with original flooring, a stylish contemporary home or a beamed farmhouse we have a property with every shade, style and pattern of wooden flooring. So get in contact with one of our lovely team members today who would be happy to help assist you with finding the perfect location for your shoot.