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Locations houses available to hire for photo shoots and filming in London & UK

Luckily for you, at 1st Option houses are our speciality. So naturally, we have plenty of shoot locations for you to choose from. What can you expect from this section? Browse through house after stunning house, with everything from period properties bursting with character, country mansions, manor houses, slick city apartments, rustic farmhouses, industrial converted lofts and state of the art architecture with interiors to match. So fill your boots, we’ll be blown away if there isn’t a shoot location here that’s perfect for your creative brief.


Technically, there are two ways of categorizing different types of houses. The first is the different architectural styles and the other is different residential building structures. But what are the most common different types of houses in the UK, and what are there key characteristics?


  • Low profile buildings
  • A subset of the Cottage, but bungalows are much more affordable
  • The world “bungalow” originates from the Indian word bangla, which during the 19th century was used to refer to properties built in a Bengali style.

The Cottage-

  • Cottages originally were only found in rural or semi-rural locations rather than urban spaces. Historically, cottages were built for agricultural workers and their families.
  • Characteristics that often accompany cottages include small paned windows, structural pillars, beams, low ceilings, thick walls and a thatched roof. These features are sort after, making cottages quite an expensive buy


  • Detached properties are a single standing property that doesn’t share any walls with other houses.
  • Because they’re isolated and private, detached houses are more expensive than other types of homes.


  • Flats are self-contained and part of a bigger building block, often split up into multiple living areas for different residents
  • Flats are often the residence of choice within urban and high populated area’s, such as big cities.

Terrace House

  • Also known as townhouses in the US, terraced houses are a row of identical or mirror image houses that are common walls with the neighbouring house.
  • In the UK terraced houses are hallmarks of Victorian era, often used by people who worked in the industrial districts during the rapid urbanisation of the industrial revolution

See, we weren’t fibbing we said there are lots of different types of houses for you to pick from. So have a browse through our fantastic and diverse range of housing available to hire for photo shoots, TV and filming.