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Photoshoot locations with staircases in London

Staircase (noun) definition:

A set of stairs and its surrounding walls or structure. A set of steps leading from one floor of a building to another, typically inside the building.

As it just so happens this integral element of our daily structures such as our houses, offices and shopping centres actually make great subjects for photo shoots and filming. In this section you’ll find our favourite selection of staircases for hire from our extensive list of shoot locations.

Staircases have been around for centuries, with many being designed as an internal part of a building’s beauty rather than a necessary means of emergency escape. But if you keep an eye out you’ll soon see there’s lots of intriguing sets of steps and staircases that will make interesting subjects for a photo. Whether it’s a gritty shot of an industrial concrete set of stairs, a carved, historic staircase in your local museum, or an ornate metal spiral staircase in a grand house, there’s a plethora of unique and abstract sets of steps around that can make the perfect backdrop for any shoot.

Photography is centred on composition, which is all about design, shape and pattern, and luckily, staircases often have all of these elements. The designs of staircases make them exceptionally photogenic as they create angles and provide visual depth to images with the way lead from one floor to another, changing direction and overlapping each level. Their shape acts as a uninhibited pattern for the eye to follow around the frame, which can be used as the base of a photo’s composition, this can also be applied to spiral staircases.

1st Option locations offer a diverse collection of shoot locations with impressive staircases ranging with everything from ultra slick steel stairs with mesh surrounding walls, centuries old steps in our period properties to floating stairs and grand spiral staircases.

If you’d like any assistance helping pick out your perfect set of stairs, reach out to one of fabulous team members who be delighted to advise you on vast collection.