Burlotti, E8

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Haggerston, 3 min walk
Tea & Coffee supplied
Wifi code available at location
Clothes rail available
Iron & ironing board available
Glamour allowed
Animals allowed
Children allowed
Food shoots allowed
Decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
Large scale filming allowed
No heels can be worn inside the location
Please ask permission before moving furniture

Burlotti is a late Georgian semi detached property in East London that has lovingly restored period features and creative use of colour throughout. Although decorated with predominantly white walls, which is ideal for shoots, the kitchen changes it up with rustic green units, a lovely butler's sink and a practical central island the features the hob. Finished with original wood flooring, this area also houses the dining area plus a piano! The kitchen is south facing, so gets plenty of good natural light throughout the day.

The living room, also with wood flooring, features comfortable seating, a fireplace which is fully working and French doors at the end complete with shutters. Up the original staircase you'll find the main bedroom, complete with ornate fireplace and sash windows, with a selection of quirky art dotted around. There is also a children's bedroom with a lovely arched window at the end. The bathroom features floral green wallpaper and a tiled wall surrounding the bath.

The large south facing garden is well kept and begins with a lovely raised terrace area that's ideal for outside dining. Beyond this and through the wooden arch, the lawn stretches down to the studio at the end, which is beautifully decorated with a gloss white floor and more tasteful furniture.

This East London shoot location is versatile and popular with clients. If you'd like to get more of a feel of the space and meet the owner, Claudia, take a look at our video below where she talks about what it's like to own a shoot location...

Ask The Owner Video featuring the interior of Burlotti

The fifth episode of our ‘Ask the Owner’ video series features Claudia showing us around the interior of the location and talking about what inspired the unique design and also letting you in on a few insider tips on what it’s actually like to be the owner of a fabulous shoot location house. To meet Claudia now, just click on the video!

The full transcript of what’s discussed can be found on our blog page