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Photoshoot locations with family kitchens

Family Kitchens

What differentiates family kitchens from a standard kitchen is that they tend to be the heart of the home - they serve multiple purposes and aren’t just for cooking.

Whilst family kitchens' primary uses are for cooking and eating, but relaxing, socialising and even working are also activities that the family kitchen can facilitate.

Modern kitchens are popular amongst open-plan or broken-plan spaces, allowing interior freedom and creativity. An open-plan kitchen can be accompanied by a living and/or dining area, or even unique spaces like snugs, games rooms, children’s play areas, utility rooms, boot rooms or even a handy second kitchen!

It is essential that the family kitchen suits the needs and lifestyles of everyone in the household, making it the central hub whether it be morning, daytime, afternoon or night.

Features such as breakfast bars and kitchen island can be highly useful in a family kitchen, providing extra work and eating space. These features and areas also allow for other gathering points which can help stimulate family socialising, bonding and creating the perfect place for making memories.

Family kitchens can be found in an array of homes, and don’t necessarily have to be in open-plan properties with a lot of space - they are largely defined by their features, comfort, personality and convenience. Despite this, family kitchens can be more-often found in country and farm homes, as well as those on the outskirts of cities, like Greater London.

Some example features of family kitchens could include multiple entrances/ exits, easy-clean materials and surfaces, maximised and accessible storage solutions and plenty of seating, whether that be stools, benches or chairs.

Utilising the space means dining/ living areas can be worked into an office or study spaces; this means family members can use all the necessary features of the kitchen while they’re working. It also allows for family company, if needed, later on in the day!

This is also a great idea for those who cannot find the space elsewhere in the house to provide a working haven for both parents and children.

Family Kitchens at 1st Option

At 1st Option, we have some fantastic locations with brilliant family kitchens. Some of our favourites can be found at Barnet, Billie, Fig and Verde.

Explore our Family Kitchens filter to find the perfect one for your shoot, or get in touch today to get suggestions specifically tailored to your brief.