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Photoshoot locations with french doors

When it comes to your home, your exterior can actually say just as much as your interior. External doors, therefore, are extremely important, not just logistically, but aesthetically as well.

French doors -

One of the more common options are French doors. They are often used, but this doesn’t mean they are less desirable. Traditionally, French doors are hinged and open out onto your garden, patio or conservatory and they contain a central frame with multiple glass panels. Main appeals of the doors include clean looks, easy installation and accessibility. Furthermore, they also bring in tons of natural light without sacrificing space or efficiency.

History of French Doors -

So why exactly are they called French doors and what is so ‘French’ about them? Well there isn’t too much information on the topic, but they did originate in the South of France at the end of the 17th Century. The style then spread throughout the country and by the 19th century was all across Europe. Originally, they were used on balconies to help allow more natural light into the room before electricity became a common thing. They were also originally known as French windows, as they were essentially large windows with one pane of glass. As time moved on, so did technology. Electricity became commonplace and french doors started to be designed for aesthetic purposes. This is why modern French doors are now usually smaller and a lot more compact, with more panes of glass.

1st Option and French Doors -

If you are looking for a French door for a shoot or campaign, then you have come to the right place. With a whole range of French doors, coming in all styles and sizes, whatever your brief is, we will certainly have you covered with over 100 choices at the click of a button.