Oasis, Surrey

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Oasis is a spectacular Californian-style modern luxury home set in 14 acres of land. It’s architecturally designed with a fun, Hollywood glamour interior and showcases an eccentric mix of all things fabulous and grand. Furnishings are stylish and mostly soft in colour, and decor is influenced by the modern mid-century periods - furniture throughout is either bespoke or sourced from the West Coast of America and Europe. This property boasts 15 rooms in total, including 5 bedrooms, 5 ensuite bathrooms, a dining room, a formal drawing room and a boot room. It also boasts plenty of parking with easy access for both large and smaller shoots.

The entire house has floor-to-ceiling glass panels and doors meaning it’s conveniently well-lit throughout, giving a wider sense of space and providing an extra feature to work with on creative projects. Oasis has a huge open-plan kitchen, overlooking a beautiful pond and a large south-facing fire pit and seating area. There’s also an impressive snug which features a flat screen television against a wood-panelled wall, a bright orange Togo sofa, a foosball table and a transformable wall which allows the space to be opened up and become as one with the outdoor patio and the incredible swimming pool.

Oasis is a brilliant location house with tastefully opulent interiors throughout. It has more than enough room which can accommodate larger crew sizes and projects as well as providing clients with plenty to work with through a variety of backdrops and angles. If you’d like to find out more about the one and only Oasis, contact us now.