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Photoshoot locations with glass wall

Whether it be for photography or filming shoots, glass walls are a luxury interior feature that can increase creative possibilities; they are guaranteed to bring brightness to any shoot location, creating a visually spacious atmosphere.

Glass walls are an eco-friendly option for interior walls, perfectly reflecting contemporary lifestyle and interior trends. This stylish feature is great for visually opening up spaces, offering an excellent attribute to smaller spaces. They are also a popular solution for architects and interior designers when faced with the challenge of separating different rooms and functions without diminishing the appeal of an open-plan design.

A glass wall can also prove effective for those who want to show-off a special room or display in their home. This could include a library collection full of rare books, or a kitchen that allows guests to watch their host prepare the meal without having to be in the same room.

History of Glass Walls

The glass wall has evolved from the origins of the ‘glass block’, which was first moulded in 1886, patented by Gustav Falconnier and introduced in America for the first time in 1933. Built from around 25,000 glass blocks, this structure was formed as a means of introduction to the American public as part of the Horticultural Exhibition; it would eventually be named the Owens-Illinois Glass Block Building. Glass blocks became a popular architectural option in the 1930s and 1940s, famously associated with the Art Deco era. In the early 2000s, however, they began to see a decline in demand, but are potentially due for a contemporary-comeback.

Glass Walls Now

Eventually, large sheets of glass would become a more up-to-date interior trend, but with a slightly different purpose. Unlike glass blocks, glass walls provide a much sleeker and polished finish that are less visually heavy and opaque. They also come with the ability to have doors incorporated into the look (crittall-style frames being quite common in contemporary homes), acting as room dividers or doors to access outdoor areas.

This eye-catching interior feature can be costly and is easier to implement when designing from scratch, however there are many companies that offer construction within their services. Not only found in the home, glass walls can also commonly be found in modern libraries, offices and renovated retail spaces.

Glass Walls at 1st Option

At 1st Option, we have a vast range of properties, offering a great deal of interior styles and architectural designs, featuring glass walls

Canopy in South East London boasts an airy, contemporary interior that features glass walls, bannisters and even glass walkways, creating a futuristic effect, with a modern, tasteful finish.

For incredible views, we suggest taking a look at London’s Birchwood House, Millbrae, Union Wharf and Solene.

For seaside spectaculars, Sea Gem and Wood View will give you much more than you could ask for.

For clients looking for something a little more understated (as much as glass wall’s can be), we recommend taking a look at The Grove, Jarvis and Kingsley.

And, lastly, for locations with opulent swimming pools, visible through large glass walls, take a look at Graphite, Teignmouth and Infinity.

If you’re seeking a property with this marvellous feature, or if you’re interested in what kind of creative outcomes it can bring, get in touch today for some location suggestions that will suit your brief.