The Compound, Birmingham

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Snow Hill Station
Overnight storage available
Clothes rail available
Iron & ironing board available
Hair & makeup area
3 phase power available
No glamour allowed
Animals allowed
Food shoots allowed
Decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
Large scale filming allowed
Heels can be worn inside the location
Please ask permission before moving furniture

At 10,000 sq. ft, The Compound is an incredible creative venue situated on Water Street, Birmingham, originally converted from a former textile factory.

The Compound has multiple special features that make it a highly versatile space for film, music and many other media industries - these include balconies, mezzanine floors and bridges.

As well as spacious open floors, this location features 3 self-contained living areas, set across multiple levels of the building. It also boasts a 25-set cinema, an art studio and a speakeasy bar.

The interior decor, mainly fronted with exposed brick, is stylish and coordinated but in a way in which it provides a workable canvas for a multitude of creative projects.