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Locations with Dark Colours for photo shoots and filming in London & UK

It’s time to ditch the light, bright interiors of the ever-popular Scandividan décor that has dominated the home décor trends season after season. In this section you’ll find all our properties that feature dark colour schemes that are available to hire for photo shoots and filming. Dark interiors are really effective at achieving an atmosphere and focal point within creative briefs. It’s common to feel a little intimidated by the thought of decorating your space in dark hues, but deeper shades within an interior can make the space feel calming and cosy.

 In a feature called “Style it dark”, journalist Jessica Doyle explains how to embrace winter colours in your interior and why they make a great feature for any photo shoot or filming brief.

The first tip when it comes to dark interiors is to just go for it. Lots of people think that if you have a small room that’s lacking in natural light, you should paint it white. But what you’ll actually end up with is small dark room painted white. Instead, opt for dark colours as they recede and make the room seem bigger, rather than smaller.

Although black walls might be a step too far for some, darker colours can easily be incorporated through accessories, wallpaper and fabrics. Go for grey on the walls (it’s less of a commitment than black) and complement it with dark luxe textures such as wool, velvet or anything with sheen to lift the look. When it comes to accessorising, mirrors also play an important part in dark interiors. They work well on everything from tables, sideboards and chests.

Also, just because you’ve decided to go for a dark colour scheme this doesn’t mean everything in your space has to be dark. White metallic accents will provide a sense of glamour, and dark walls give you the opportunity to be playful with colours in furniture and upholstery. If you’re feeling bold, Neon is a good choice, or if you prefer something a little subtler, opt for cool pastels for a gorgeous contrast.

Browse through our stunning collection of properties that feature dark interiors. From deep hued kitchens (that are very on trend for the upcoming year,) dark bathrooms, living rooms and bathrooms that boast dark feature walls and even dark outside spaces, we’ve got it all.

If you require assistance picking your perfect location, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our lovely team members for some help.