Tanner Street Loft, SE1

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London Bridge
Clothes steamer available
Glamour allowed
Animals allowed
Children allowed
Food shoots allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
Large scale filming allowed
Heels can be worn inside the location
Please ask permission before moving furniture
Access by stairs

Tanner Street is a Victorian warehouse with 3 floors of exposed brick walls and ex-industrial features and 5 separate hire spaces, providing a unique and inspiring environment. Please note the floors are rented separately, information below: 

Tanner Street Hub is on the ground floor and is 211 m²/ 2271 f². Capacity is 300 standing, 200 seated theatre style and has 100 x 13a sockets. WC available, including disabled.

Tanner Street Garage is 339m²/ 3648 f², Capacity is 300, it has 8 x 13a sockets, 1 x 63a power. No WC facilities (shared with The Hub). 

Tanner Street Factory is 213m²/ 2292 f², Capacity is 120 standing, 80 seated theatre style, there are 16 x 13a sockets WC available. This location is usually hired with Tanner Street Loft. 

Tanner Street Loft is 264m²/ 2841 f² ) Capacity 225 standing or seated theatre style, there are 10 x 13a sockets 32a 3-phase, No WC (shared with The Factory). This location is usually hire with Tanner Street Factory.

The Yard is 102m²/ 1097 f² offers parking for 18 vehicles and is ideal for unloading and parking.

Tanner Street Roof is 113m²/ 1216 f², capacity is 60, there is no power or WC.