Laurel, SE27

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West Norwood
Tea & Coffee supplied
Overnight storage available
Wifi code available at location
Iron & ironing board available
Glamour allowed
Animals allowed
No children allowed
Food shoots allowed
No decorating allowed
Unrestricted room access
Hand-held filming allowed
No heels can be worn inside the location
Please ask permission before moving furniture

1st Option proudly welcomes Laurel to its books. This beautiful haven is tucked away in South East London, conveniently located near West Norwood Station.

This property is formed of wooden, stone and concrete elements throughout, giving it a modern but eco feel. It has plenty of natural light and minimalistic contemporary decor. The galley kitchen is modest and clean, giving way to a gorgeous dining area as part of a broken-plan composition. The dining space features a bench fixture which is at one with the walls, mid-century style table and chairs and a tranquil living space adjacent. The living space is surrounded with plants and presents a vintage-style rug, a film projector and another bench as part of the large window sill. This bench provides incredible views of the outdoor space, which is accessible via large bi-folding doors and windows.

Laurel’s garden is unbelievably tranquil; its overflow of verdant plants and trees contribute to its utterly serene atmosphere, giving the illusion that visitors are indeed not in a London home.

The theme throughout Laurel is consistent - natural, elemental, escape-esque. It has plenty of possibilities for shot angles, as well as lots of natural light, seating for crews and outdoor space - what more could you need? Get in touch today to enquire!