Green Studio, E2

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Glamour allowed
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Children allowed
Food shoots allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
Large scale filming allowed

Green Studio is a misleading name for this location because there are actually three unique studio locations on offer. These are broken up into the ‘first floor studio’, the ‘top floor studio’ and the ‘corner studio’.

The first floor studio is an appealing space because it has a high ceiling with beautiful Georgian windows.

The top floor studio is similar with lots of Georgian windows, but it is much bigger and has a lower ceiling.

The final space, corner studio, is the smallest of them all. It is the only one that doesn’t have wood panelled flooring and the windows are less extravagant.

However, the beauty of each of these spaces is that they are bright, white spaces with minimal décor, providing the perfect blank canvas for clients to project their own vision for the shoot.