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The Aga, part of the Rangemaster cooking company, has been a staple within the home cooking industry for over a century now. With history based in Shropshire England, where they are still made today, the Aga is a true part of English home cooking.

1922 - The beginning

As it should be, the AGA cooker wasn’t developed in a research facility but rather it was dreamed up in a kitchen. It’s inventor, a Swede, Dr Gustaf Dalen was blinded in a terrible accident. Because of this in 1922 when he was at home with his wife he realised she was cooking on a dangerous range, so he decided to create a clean, economical and easy to run cooker which produced great food with minimum fuss. In doing this, he created a cooker that would change the scope of home cooking the world over. Because of its immediate success the AGA came to britain in 1929 and it has been a staple within British homes ever since.

1930’s - 1940’s

It was during the 1930’s the Britains fell in love with the AGA. AGA expanded through the 30’s with a big push in marketing and sales efforts and AGAs started popping up everywhere. During the war years AGA also played its part as the Government ordered AGA cookers for munitions works, communal feeding centres and hospitals. Following this, demand rose even higher and a waiting order had to be placed on the cooker for longer than six months. It was in 1947 that the company began to manufacture the cookers in Shropshire, where they are still indeed being made today.

1950’s - 70’s

For 34 years part of AGA’s charm was that it had only been available in cream, however, in 1956 that all changed. 1956 saw the introduction of the new AGA De Luxe models which came in pale blue, pale green, grey and white and these proved incredibly popular with AGA lovers. It was coincidentally at this same time that the famous chrome plated lid domes and the black lozenge style logo were introduced, both of which are still used today. During this period we also saw AGA’s move from solid fuel to oil and gas fired cookers as they were cleaner, more convenient energy sources. The 70’s also saw the launch of new colours including black which is as popular as ever in 2021.

1980’s - the first electric cooker

By 1985 AGA had launched a landmark model, the first electric range cooker and two years later came their second in the range. Both models retained all the traditional features of AGA cookers but without the need for fuel.


Since the turn of 2010, much has changed with the AGA cooker thanks to many new models, including the game changing Total Control, which is the first that gives you the ability to turn it off when you don’t need it. Their smallest version of the cooker was also brought out in this decade, the AGA 60, which is their largest 5 oven AGA.


In 2018 and 2019 AGA released the first state of the art Induction Hob version which had many other innovative features including the addition of the fan oven and range in size from 60cm to 170cm.

If you are looking for a property that features an Aga cooking unit then you are in luck as we have a wide array of properties with Aga's on out books including Amber, The Mill, The Rookery and Weald Manor to name a few.