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Photoshoot locations with cushions

Cushions are an every-day luxury accessory for the standard home, whether it be for adding comfort or decoration to sofas, beds, snugs, kitchen chairs and even the floor.

As mentioned, cushions are typically used for comfort, decoration, or both. They can add colour, style and texture to a room, creating a cosy and homely feel. For comfort, they’re commonly used as additional back, head or leg support, particularly when lounging at home.

Cushions are usually found to be stuffed with feathers, polyester fibres, wool or cotton. Now, cushions are considered items of upholstery, and can be considered as furniture as well as decor for aesthetic purposes.

Scatter cushions refer to those that are specifically designed to be slightly smaller than a regular cushion. This is in order to add comfort and colour to your sofa, bed or chill-out space without taking up too much room.

They are a great way to express your personal style in any room and they can also be a great gift. Cushions are also easy to make at home, and covers usually can be washed and changed with ease. A simple online tutorial will have you with a personalised cover, catering specifically to your fabric and style requirements.

Cushions are easily transportable and versatile, meaning they’re a fantastic way to liven up a space such as student accommodation or your first rented property, and to take with you on your onward journeys.

There are plenty of brands that offer an array of cushion types, from cheap and cheerful, to luxury upholsteries and embellishments, meaning there’s plenty to choose from and mix and matching is always an option.

History of Cushions

The early civilisations of Mesopotamia, a historical region of Western Asia, would see the earliest known use of cushions, circa 7,000 B.C. The items were seen as individual pieces of art and represented the wealth and style of its owner.

In the Middle Ages, cushions were often formed of leather materials for sturdiness. The word actually originates from the word ‘cushin’, a Middle English word, as well as the Anglo-French tern ‘cussin’ or ‘quissin’. It also was influenced by the Latin word ‘coxa’. The word cushion is known to have first been used in the 14th Century. Although the cushions tended to be used by those of the lower classes for sitting on the floor, it was also the case that the more pillows you had, the wealthier you were, considering the cost of craftsmanship, dyes and materials.

During the ancient Egyptian period, cushions were mostly used as headrests made of stone, wood, marble, ivory, and even glass. Deriving from the latin word ‘pulvinus’, these cushions were slightly closer to the meaning of the word pillow.

Cushions at 1st Option

Considering their popularity, the majority of our properties will feature cushions or scatter cushions of some sort, however the most prominent collections tend to come with our beautiful, maximalist houses.

For something bright and funky, check out Pop in North London. For a nostalgic realm of psychedelic decor and cushions, Rainbow is another fantastic example of a maximalist interior with a fantastic use of cushions to enhance the space.

Rose Villa in Lincolnshire softly presents itself in florals, using cushions to enhance its classic cottage features and adding to the homely feel of the place.