Sophia, Kent

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Sophia is a gorgeous modern bungalow-style property located in Kent. It is a new build, meaning both its interiors and exteriors are fresh, clean-cut and composed with a new approach of care and purpose. This house has two wings and features a high, wooden-crafted gable roof over its spacious indoors, giving it a farmhouse feel despite its contemporary decor.

The reception areas are cosy and welcoming; one offers low cream coloured seating and a round marble coffee table on top of a chequered rug, contrasted by charcoal wood-panelled walls. The open-plan kitchen/ living/ dining areas are fantastically well-lit through large windows and a huge panel of Crittall doors, brightening up this already light and airy space. Through the Crittall doors is a stone patio with vintage-style furniture, perfect for outside dining and providing a useful, spacious area for crews on shoots. The manicured garden follows, which has a brilliant children’s play area!

Sophia presents a beautiful pale parquet floor throughout the house, sitting underneath a range of wooden and rattan furniture, mostly in neutral colours - soft pastel colours make an appearance in the dreamy children’s bedroom. The master bedroom is white, large and minimal in decor. It boasts a wonderful boudoir-style area at the foot of the bed, presenting an inviting curved sofa, an ottoman, another marble table and a vintage-style oval mirror.

If you like what you see, get in touch with us today to book Sophia for your next shoot.