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Photoshoot locations with children's playhouse

A children’s playhouse is a fantastic feature to have at a property; whether it be a DIY adventure spot or an advanced construction, we have a great selection here at 1st Option for you. Throughout history, they have always been great places for children to be free and express themselves, even if it’s wet and cold outside. They also provide a space for individualism at a young age, encouraging independence, growth and creativity.

The most common type of playhouse is the treehouse - a structure that most children could only dream of having as a child.Those who were lucky enough to have one in their back garden were able to embark on daily adventures within the safety of their own home.

Treehouses are typically made from wood, whether it be freshly-chopped and bought from the shop, or leftover planks gathered from the local outdoors. The purpose of these playhouses can vary, although the general concept is one that provides a place for imagination and exploration of the outdoor space available.

As mentioned, a playhouse can be a challenging but rewarding do-it-yourself project. Construction can also be outsourced, handing all the work and thought to a professional. You may even find a historical playhouse at a property, dating back to past centuries.

Treehouses were originally structures for people who lived in trees, dating back to the people of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Hindu monks, in order to be free of earthbound systems and restrictions, would also live in treehouses.

At present time, treehouses are still used as homes, particularly in West Papua, Papua New Guinea, where The Korowai tribe live. The treehouses are designed to protect people from the elements and against attacks from animals and other tribes. These houses provide fantastic architectural capabilities from the tribe's people, and give a whole other insight into how vital these buildings are. It’s that their purpose is still exercised usefully outside of western civilisation.

Domestic children’s playhouses now come in a wider range of materials and can often derive from converted spaces, for example old garden sheds, greenhouses and even metal shipping containers.

At 1st Option, we have some beautiful locations with playhouses perfect for adventure; Eltham Court, Melrose and Forest Villa are all London-based, while Belmont House is based in Salisbury, and Purley in West Berkshire.