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Photoshoot locations with shoot and stay

While most locations fall under the normal regulations of a half or full-day rentals, i.e. four or eight hours respectively, there is a selection of properties where staying overnight is permitted. This is generally only advised for shoots that last a few days and overnight stay can’t be found elsewhere. There are rules that have to be adhered to when you stay overnight and these will change depending on the individual property. Get in touch with an agent and they can advise on the specific rules that each location has. Shoot and stay prices will be more than a general shoot price and again, they will all vary depending on the specific location, how many people will be staying and how long you are looking to stay at the property.

Properties, where an overnight stay is permitted, vary greatly, with two beach properties, two London locations and five properties from the home counties, including three family homes and two manor houses. These are Angmering in Sussex, Shoreham Beach in West Sussex, Curtis and Kempshott Road in South West London, Austen in Surrey, Botley in Hampshire, Purley in Berkshire, Swan Court in Kent and Sea Gem in Rye.