Big Sky Spaces A, B, C, N7

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Caledonian Road
Caledonian Road & Barnsbury
Wifi code available at location
Clothes rail available
Clothes steamer available
Iron & ironing board available
Hair & makeup area
Black-out blinds available
Glamour allowed
Animals allowed
Children allowed
Food shoots allowed
No decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
No large scale filming allowed

Big Sky A, B, C are located on the top floor of our Brewery Road Studios. The Spaces Providing flexible working areas suited to castings, meetings, private breakout, green room spaces or small scale shoots.

Space A is the largest, with a small lounge area, as well as concrete floors and exposed brick walls, Total area: 55 sqm / 592 sqft. 

Space B is ideal as a hair, makeup or dressing room. Total area: 44 sqm / 473 sq ft. 

The smallest is Space C which can be set up for meetings and more. Total area: 32 sqm / 344 sqft.