Jessamine Cottage, Somerset

Location menu
Location info
Tea & Coffee supplied
Wifi code available at location
Clothes rail available
Clothes steamer available
Iron & ironing board available
Glamour allowed
Animals allowed
Children allowed
Food shoots allowed
Decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
No large scale filming allowed

This shoot location cottage in Somerset we’ve named Jessamine Cottage and it is really as cute as it sounds.

This property is small yet special. Its overall décor is minimalistic and understated. It incorporates certain contemporary trends, with its white panelled flooring and walls in the bedrooms and wooden beams in the living room, but it stills maintains many of the bones that the property came with, ensuring that it doesn’t lose its shabby chic, rural feel.

One of its biggest appeals is the beautiful garden space. There are many different elements, including a trendy outhouse, stony paths leading to more intimate spots, a variety of plants and flowers, and a wooden roofed structure covered in foliage.

This property doesn’t feel like it is trying to be something that it’s not; it is not trying to compete with the big dogs of the interior world but is unique and quirky in its own wonderful way.