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Photoshoot locations with hair

When shooting at a location or studio with models or regular people, hair and makeup is usually done before the shoot begins, by a hairstylist or hair and makeup artist. Most residential or commercial locations won’t have a designated space for this, so the crew will need to pick the most suitable and practical area to designate that won’t interfere with areas that they will later need to shoot in.

It is fairly uncommon for a family home to have a designated hair and makeup space, as most family locations are set up for residential living, however, there are a few family homes here at 1st option that do in fact have good usable areas with mirrors, that if agreed upon, can be used for styling, hair and makeup. Take a look at 6ixteen Cottage, Alleyn, Boston Manor, Dragonfly, Foxgrove and Soho Loft to see a selection of residential properties that have the capabilities to easily do hair and makeup within the property.

On the other hand, studios are usually equipped with a specific area set aside specifically for this use. Most studios feature designated hair and makeup areas that are designed with large mirrors, plenty of light and electric fittings for any appliances you may need. Some of the best studios with hair and makeup areas include Cotton Studio, Dalston Studio, Drops Studio 1 & 2, Lemonade Day, The Lab, Loft Studios, Tram Depot, Rosy and Rida A & B to name a few.

Don’t ever hesitate to get in touch, however, if you have any questions regarding locations that have adequate facilities for hair and makeup, we’ll usually be able to ensure that your needs will be well covered.