Bonnie, SW4

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Clapham Common
Clapham High Street
Tea & Coffee supplied
Wifi code available at location
Iron & ironing board available
Back wash sink available
No glamour allowed
Animals allowed
No children allowed
Food shoots allowed
Decorating allowed
Hand-held filming allowed
No large scale filming allowed

Bonnie is an 8 bedroom, (approx.) 5000sq. ft property, located in Abbeville village.

The property features a landscaped garden to both the front and rear, the rear garden being a spacious 100ft of well-kept green.

Bonnie’s interior has undergone an extensive refurbishment, including the creation of a generous kitchen/dining/living area, comprised of sandstone-coloured tiles, opening onto the rear garden.

Floor-to-ceiling french doors are feature d in one of the reception rooms.

Original fireplaces are featured in Bonnie’s reception room and, leading up with carpeted stairs, in the second-floor bedroom.

Featuring 2 unoccupied refurbished bedrooms, along with a bedroom and bathroom that are both considered blank canvases, Bonnie makes a perfect location for creative leeway.