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Children’s bedrooms to hire for photo shoots and filming in London & UK

In this section you’ll find a diverse range of children’s bedrooms in every size and style under the rainbow available to hire for photo shoots and filming.

Children’s bedrooms are a place where you can let your interior imagination and creative streak run wild. The more playful, fun and outrageous the better, and we have plenty where that came from. We have children’s bedrooms that feature tepee’s, swings and gymnastic bars suspended from the ceiling, graffiti feature walls, rock climbing walls and bedrooms tucked away in secret attic spaces. Of course, we also offer bedrooms that are a little more on the classic calm side, if wild and wacky isn’t your thing.

All it takes is a quick search of “children’s bedrooms” on Pinterest to work out the ideas out there are pretty much endless, but we’ve selected our top favourite:

  • Create a gallery wall by hanging plastic, wooden frames without glass or even crates, so children can choose what they display within the frames. This can easily become a long-term feature, as the contents of the frame can and change grow with your child.
  • Be bold with colour. Pops of neon shades in random geometric shapes is a super fun touch.
  • Star patterns are a great fit for either gender and be easily channelled through wall art, bedding and accessories in a range of print size and colour depending on the effect you’re going for.
  • The ceiling is often a neglected element to rooms, but in a child’s space you can really get inventive with it. Hang either some colourful or printed material with heavy thread and fabric paint for your child to look at as they lay in bed and fall asleep

If you require any assistance selecting your ideal child’s bedroom, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of staff and they’ll be happy to assist you.