Marble Retro, NW6

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Working fireplace
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Please ask permission before moving furniture

This is Marble Retro, a one-of-a-kind spacious property based in North West London. This shoot location boasts 7 bedrooms, 3 guest restrooms and 3 full bathrooms, 2 of which have jacuzzis. Marble Retro has an opulent summer home atmosphere, while situated in a convenient, well-connected and beautiful area, just walking distance from Brondesbury Park and Kensal Rise Overground stations.

The ground floor at this unique house presents grand red marble floors and columns, covering the large hallway and open-plan living/ dining area. The dining space, seating 16, features a retro cream and red lacquer furniture set, taking up most of this space. The kitchen is (surprisingly) made of bright white and grey marble. It offers plenty of space including a curved central island, multiple worktops, a dining table and high ceilings fitted with spotlights. From the kitchen, clients can access the huge garden through glass sliding doors. The outdoor space welcomes its visitors with a long stone patio, stretching out towards the very back of the garden and lining an empty swimming pool in the centre. Grass and plenty of tall, leafy greenery surrounds this generous space.

Marble Retro’s bedrooms and bathrooms are particularly impressive, each offering a different and interesting design. Pictured are bedrooms consisting of baby pink and royal blue lacquer fixtures, keeping the rooms uniform but emitting a dreamy, retro feel and paying perfect tribute to the essence of this vintage gem of a property.

Marble Retro may not be for everyone, but what house is? This eccentric shoot location allows for appreciation of the 60s/ 70s home style which has recently been creeping back into the trends of contemporary interior design. Not only does this house have an abundance of space, rooms and backdrops, but it has minimal furniture meaning clients can have more creative freedom on shoots. If you’re intrigued by this location house, get in touch with us today to find out more!